Oil & ES trading for May 6th 2020

https://www.tradingview.com/chart/CLM2020/ZILh5HfK-oil-for-May-6th-2020/ Going to try this new format of posting ideas so the chart can be looked at from the time of post right up to the present. alleytrader8:42 AMES today, currently getting a down side move that is following late yesterday move. but is in a solid balance, that might chop after ope before picking […]

Trade idea for May 5th 2020

ES trading in a larger range today and looking for continuation after a possible retrace of some of the over night action. 2846 would be a great spot but probably far to deep so will be watching for a spot further up.  If we break the overnight high I feel we could go to 2892  […]

May 4th trade idea

Possible swing Trade


Apr 24th 2020 This is the beginning of a lengthy group of comments on oil and the situation currently going on in that market. A real situation with supply, demand, and inventory. Making the oil market very volatile and a bit unpredictable. The major consideration is the lack of storage and the over production so […]