Oil & ES trading for May 6th 2020


Going to try this new format of posting ideas so the chart can be looked at from the time of post right up to the present.

alleytrader:arrows_clockwise:8:42 AM
ES today, currently getting a down side move that is following late yesterday move. but is in a solid balance, that might chop after ope before picking a side. will watch 2864 for sign of further down. with targets of 2838 and 2821. A break above 2890 target i have is 2907 picking a direction right here is hard, many will be looking at the rising wedge to break short, but i see some support it has to get through for the wedge to look valid.  Will monitor this consolidation for break and impulse.

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ES spy day trading for May 6th 2020 – Q8 Blog
May 6, 2020

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