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What We Do Each Day

The trading method is simple and only about 30 minutes each day is needed. You will need an options account to be able to follow along with our exact trades.

Steps to a trade

  1. Between 11:00 to 1:00 each day the market gives us a long short or neutral signal.
  2. If long we take the long with a completely risk controlled option position.
  3. If correct the profit before the end of the day is locked in. (Take as little risk into the over night session).
  4. Let some options decay occur (in our advantage), Also stock location is not that important at this point.
  5. use day trade tools and trade location to manage a proper trade exit. (high win rate).

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We will send you a email with Discord link, but we are trading so may take some time, but do monitor discord throughout the day.

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link to online instruction manual — instruction manual 

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