Trading made simple!

Let TDN indicator and day trade signal generator guild your day trading.

A simple trade system designed to take the guess work out of where and when to take a trade.

The system is built for S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 trading.

The trading can be in any of the related futures or stock indices products.

Day trade signals made simple and take the guess work and opinions out of your trading. Let our system do that for you!!

A good system provides you trading ideas. A good plan helps you trade well.

Need Experience? NO! But it always helps. You only need a trading account and to be able to click buy or sell







Bob Vanders, England.UK, Sept 28th 2017

I am riding the chop by writing a testimonial – “Working with Carl / In The Futures has really helped my trading in a number of ways. Firstly, the signals provide a clear mechanical framework to assess intraday equity futures and enter positions. This removes the uncertainty and emotion that can undermine the performance of so many novice traders like me. I can comfortably say my experience of the signals and the system to apply them has been good – and it has been consistently getting me into winning positions.

As well as this though, Carl’s experience and advice helps me as a trader to recognise and understand different market contexts – a mechanical system is a great aid for a trader, but sometimes you must know when to sit on your hands and when to take risks.

Thirdly, working with Carl has helped me ‘deprogram’ some of the biases and assumptions that were leading to poor trading performance. There is so much written online about trading certain patterns or candlesticks or indicators and if you have studied that in depth, it can prejudice how you view the market and actually means you are just trading like all the other people losing money, instead of being the smart money taking the right opportunities. SO perhaps for my long term future as a trader, this reprogramming of how I see the market is the most important part of all.”



Marie Phillips AZ. USA

I am a stay at home mother who really wanted to bring in some income.   One month ago I  started using this system, and within 15 days had made enough to pay for the whole years subscription with extra left over for spending money.

Six months  ago started looking into trading and tried a few things.  There was always something that felt wrong, or made me uncomfortable.  That was until I was told about this method only a short time ago!   I picked trading futures because I can have an account with less than $25,000 and not be subject to the rule that will limit me from trading many times during the day if I choose.  Even with no skills I knew I would be able to do this!

I traded a demo account for only 5 days before feeling comfortable enough to use real money!  To be honest, for a time I wondered if this could be real,  but it has proven that it is indeed very real and I could not be happier.  It’s great to be able to help my family with an income, and still be here for my children during the day!