Daily Noon Trade Idea

Feb 3 rd 2018

I must make more effort to post here more often, Friday had a very large drop right about the time no one thought it was possible. Our POW trading system signaled not long after open that we need to be on the short side and wow was it right.  Now everyone is asking what happens next week. And of course no one knows for sure, but nothing has changed all we did was find a bunch or stops and this triggered a large drop through zones of very low volume, think of it like dead air pockets for airplanes.  Earnings look like they are reporting well, maybe a few are below grandiose expectations but basically all is well. Earnings, buy backs,  tax incentives, employment numbers, consumer spending, everything seems good, so no real reason we do not find buyer into next week and go back up. We will see soon! In the mean time find good trades to scalp during the day and support my members to help then get good trades.  One new guy tells me 80% winning trades, fantastic, and one of my female members yesterday rocked just under $1000 in less than a hour giving her a 20% return on capital.

August 9th 2017

I could have been complaining for weeks now but what good would that do, but yesterday finally gave us a nice two sided day and the trading method worked very very well. Also got a new employee that started on the 7th and is already looking like this week will be trading on her own.  This is a person who has never even seen a market before so real green, that is exciting.

Aug 1st 2017


The straight up no breather market is unreal, and as it moves up the volume just gets lower and lower.  Volatility at crazy low levels over extended periods of time. It is blowing my mind at the level of complacency.


This continual move up has been hard on my options trading, but real happy on the current developments in the day trading.


This market for a day trader has been very hard, the slow motion small range days are draining.  During this time have been very busy developing a new trading strategy system, and it has been fantastic in these small ranges.  Now Just need a couple big day to see how it does.



Nov 25th, Ok, now the market is just running up a bit crazy. Russel on its 15 day with no down tick


Oct 30th 2016

The last year has had the market in a very tight range with a bit of a downward direction.  Most  days this creates a very nice day trading environment.  Each day the traders have been aiming for a trading profit of  10 ticks in the ES, and every once in a while are doing a Oil trade also.

The sideways range has been great for premium selling even thought there has not been a great amount of option premiums.