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Most Day Traders 

 : Need help getting in and out of trade

 : Need help staying in trades to maximize the day’s full potential

 : Need help knowing when to get out or switch directions


Trading is Not About Indicators it is About Emotions

After trying to teach trading we discovered that trading is about emotions and the way to control emotions was with a system.  So our POW trade signal generator was developed and now we let it tell you when to trade, what direction to trade and for how long to trade.

My Journey

The next step of the journey took a few more years. I had to dismantle everything I knew about the market and try and rebuild all my trading knowledge, as well as find and develop new techniques. During this process I discovered a unique way to view the market, and knew there were very few traders that would see the market the same way. I then spent time perfecting and trading my new methods and was very pleased with the transformation in my trading.  At this time my son was now 24 years old and ready to work so I brought him in beside me to help out and turn this new knowledge into years of success.

So after 25 years I finally had a five year fantastic run and large trading account increases, putting me in a position to see the fun side of trading.  Now with 30 years of trading behind me I felt I should start to share this fantastic news.  This past year my main options portfolio has been making regular value growth.  This give me a large amount of cash value in the account to be able to be used for day trading. For years now day trading has produced around an average of 10 points per day using two contracts. Depending on your broker’s margin requirement this method has been making over 100% on utilized cash per month. This rate of growth has seen my trading account grow close to 100% per year, I say not too shabby, considering top hedge funds doing about 4-5% this last year.




Bob Vanders, England.UK, Sept 28th 2017
I am riding the chop by writing a testimonial – “Working with Carl / In The Futures has really helped my trading in a number of ways. Firstly, the signals provide a clear mechanical framework to assess intraday equity futures and enter positions. This removes the uncertainty and emotion that can undermine the performance of so many novice traders like me. I can comfortably say my experience of the signals and the system to apply them has been good – and it has been consistently getting me into winning positions.

As well as this though, Carl’s experience and advice helps me as a trader to recognise and understand different market contexts – a mechanical system is a great aid for a trader, but sometimes you must know when to sit on your hands and when to take risks.

Thirdly, working with Carl has helped me ‘deprogram’ some of the biases and assumptions that were leading to poor trading performance. There is so much written online about trading certain patterns or candlesticks or indicators and if you have studied that in depth, it can prejudice how you view the market and actually means you are just trading like all the other people losing money, instead of being the smart money taking the right opportunities. SO perhaps for my long term future as a trader, this reprogramming of how I see the market is the most important part of all.”

Marie Phillips AZ. USA

I am a mother who needed income, one month ago started using this system, and within 15 days had made enough to pay for the years subscription and had extra left over for spending money.  Six months ago started looking into trading and tried a few things.  I then was  told about this method and felt with no skills I would be able to do this. I traded 5 days on demo account and then went on real money. Wow am I now excited, still trying to figure out if this is real or is the shoe going to drop.  I picked trading futures because I can have an account with less than 25,000 and not be subject to the rule that will limit me from trading many times during the day.

Juan Morales Diaz

Thanks, this system makes so much sense to me. Before I would take a position and wait hours to days, to weeks, and sometimes months to find out if I am going to be on the right side.  The longer in a trade the less time I found I was on the correct side of the market.  This system is exactly the opposite. If I’m wrong I will get out really fast letting me redeploy the money and spend more time on the winning side, but only if the market will keep giving.  The moment the market stops giving profit I am now back in cash looking for the next entry point.



What we are all about


This site is being provided by a dedicated group of traders and support staff that wants to bring simple easy to follow day trading ideas in the futures market.  Our 30 plus years of experience will also offer personal level coaching and incite or ideas for longer term trades, in stock, stock options, futures options, and futures pairs or spreads.

Please note that all trading can create significant losses and may not be suitable for all investors.  Past results are not a indication of forward results, and there for find putting past results in the web page of little value.  We say any trader is only as good as there last trade, in the public’s eye.